Friday, February 5, 2010

Allergic To Face Cream How Did I All Of A Sudden Become Allergic To Everything That Touches My Skin?

How did I all of a sudden become allergic to everything that touches my skin? - allergic to face cream

A few weeks ago, I washed my face with Biore pore minimizing wash. Now my face is allergic to all bee. I used to wash it before without problems. I understand that you have an allergy to face creams, but the other day, I reassure some aloe vera gel on your face to dry areas and some red and started swelling. Is there a way to reverse this? What can I do?


Kay G said...

Allergies develop. If you do something once use to changes in the body produce antibodies to what it was. The next time you come in contact with him, the body is fighting an allergic reaction. After that your body is very vulnerable to this kind of thing, and every response will be worse. sometimes face creams contain an ingredient that is similar. Discover which element you are allergic and use creams that contain it. Good luck. Allergist can help you if you are an insurance company that must pay for it.

cantbeme... said...

It is more likely have a vitamin deficiency. Make sure you only as a precaution, eating, going to a health food store and take a good multi-vitamin for his age.

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