Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Strawberry Fields Psych Test Did John Lennon Say I Buried Paul On Strawberry Fields ?

Did john Lennon say I Buried Paul on Strawberry Fields ? - strawberry fields psych test

Why say that John Paul buried at the end of Strawberry Fields Forever? You can hear it!

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RAIDERBE... said...

Lennon said something during the outro of the song. These words are hard to understand because it is not part of the vocal track, but were arrested as a leak in one of the off-drum (shown also hear about other reviews Lennon Ringo). It is believed that Lennon "I say buried Paul" makes a sensation in the Paul is dead hoax. [31] In 1974, Paul McCartney said: "It was not" I buried Paul saying "all that John was cranberry sauce. It was the end of Strawberry Fields. It is the humor of John. John would say something completely out of sync, like cranberry sauce. If you can not see that John willing to say cranberry sauce when he wants, then you begin to hear a funny word here, and think, "Ah!

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