Saturday, February 6, 2010

Herpes Chest Pictures Can Herpes Sores Occur On The Chest?

Can herpes sores occur on the chest? - herpes chest pictures

I'm with a crust on the right side of my breast nipple I broke the crust and a small hole the size of a pencil lead in the blood of course entitled. agggaitated hurts and that's it. in the 6-foot 5 overweight, maybe about 350 or more. but I am happy to help only 19.

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they can. idk how it got there, but it depends really would be an option if you are a small wound, a scratch on the chest and finger someone had with herpes and then touched his chest and he touched the breast can catch herpes in the breast. Now you have to be careful, because the discharge is reached, can be emptied into the shower, etc. and to reach their genitals. the doctor will do his best to treat early. They will give you antibiotics, its incurable but controllable. But quite honestly describe how it does not look like herpes. Herpes is a blit with white, red, cat, or spill.

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