Friday, February 19, 2010

Rbk 9k Skates For Beginners Which Is A Better Brand Of Hockey Skate?

Which is a better brand of hockey skate? - rbk 9k skates for beginners

He won $ 500, not long ago, and I realized that my shoes were falling apart. So I have a pair of skates or Easton S15 Skates RBK 9K Pump purchase decision. Easton's been great for me, but people have suggested RBKs sole function is to pump. Which is better? Thank you.


flamesfa... said...

The pump is a Gimmick. I have a couple 9ks in a demonstration day for my store and was disappointed in any case. It adds a little comfort, but it makes no difference in the skating of any kind, the general was a finalist for the heavier (even remotely) that the S15 and the highest vapor xxxx One90, (it was a while ago).

I recommend 100% of the S15 on the bombs, but I always recommend Skates Bauer (vapors, especially, especially on personal preferences) to any other brand.

Sean said...

Personally, I think the count skates are incomparable, but if it only between these two would probably prefer to Easton. But as always with questions of art, it is better to just go to your local hockey shop and try them out.

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