Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Film Streaming Megavideo Megavideo Stops After Im Streaming A Film After 81 Minutes ?

Megavideo stops after im streaming a film after 81 minutes ? - film streaming megavideo

I need help to see that each time through anyhting SurfTheChannel stops after about 80 minutes and told me that I have 120 minutes for the rest of the film can be very frustrating to have to wait for someone m 'help with this or is this happening with other people? Is there a way around this?


Nades said...

Just let it load the whole way. I think it's frustrating, I'm not too crazy about YouTube.

I see things online here:

Free, high quality (DivX) online streaming. Ninja Rules!

halaka_u... said...

I think that is not the problem .. I refer to the full charge of the video ... receive the same messages because'm YouTube damn good ... "You have 62 minutes video today .. bla bla bla" and I hate it, and the worst thing is that I do not understand why YouTube? Can someone explain?

great ... answer a question with another question ... Sorry, mate;))

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