Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Need A Bulb For Infocus Litepro What Bulb Do I Need For A InFocus LitePro 220 Projector And Where Can I Get One?

What bulb do I need for a InFocus LitePro 220 Projector and where can I get one? - i need a bulb for infocus litepro

I have an InFocus LitePro 220 and am looking for a light bulb that work for ideas?

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agb90spr... said...

It is a projector lamp for a little old ... whether the funds LP220 (see link 1). The lifetime of 500 hours and the price (probably) $ 350 + and the relatively poor performance of the projector (eg, contrast ratio 200:1) I suggest that instead of checking the projector. For not much more than the price for a new lamp on that you get a new projector is a much better performance.

However, if you want a light on the link 2 find, it is InFocus Lamp several dealers .... give a call if they do not explicitly list ... or do a Google search for the actual number of the projection lamp (which I much) of a replacement lamp for my projector from Canon.

I hope that helps.

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