Monday, February 15, 2010

Motorcycles Trailers Designs How To Transport A Motorbike On A Trailer?

How to transport a motorbike on a trailer? - motorcycles trailers designs

We've recently bought a motorcycle and have to take it with a trailer. We rented a trailer designed for transporting bicycles, but I was wondering how to get the bike on the trailer, more specifically, they are using the best anchorages on the bike?


gfxappre... said...

You do not need a trailer at all!
For Your Consideration:

auto tradie said...

Use 2 tie downs, one on each side of the handlebars, near where the screw at the top of the address. Write something that is compressed, for example, to protect a piece of wood between the front and top of the frame of the front fork seals, and to reduce the belt down. The trailer has mounting points. A third strap is a good idea to secure the wheel back down.

Dan W said...

Why not?

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