Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Much Should I Spend On Snowboard How Much Time Should I Spend In Lessons To Learn How To Snowboard?

How much time should I spend in lessons to learn how to snowboard? - how much should i spend on snowboard

OK, I'm almost 15th I very much to skateboarding and the Ripstick. I am also very good for skiing. (I have with almost all the running in this complex) so ... I'm trying to decide, do I have 2 hours or 4 hours while snowboarding?


thelucki... said...

I would start with 2 With his experience, it seems that you be in a position to which it would hang quite fast. Most resorts also offer additional courses for beginners / intermediate level, more comfortable with racing lessons even more for the land of the park.

Greg said...

Just take 2 and practice.

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