Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Girdles Stockings Do Women Still Wear Stockings And Girdles,like My Self?

Do women still wear stockings and girdles,like my self? - girdles stockings

I can not imagine a woman can say, they feel uncomfortable when you know to buy the right size, not you, the right size, you can ask your investment for them, and ask for comfort, and the seller when they know one of you go and try it, and I bet they say, most of these ladies, yes, I have not said what I stated.


answer annie said...

Goodness, he gave the same question 5 times in a week. I think it needs a belt and animal Obession!

In the 21 Century, most women wear the tights. Some girls wear a belt of rockabilly and downs, or more likely, a garter and stockings. Gaza is not easy and livestock, while attractive, are not practical or easy to use.

Baby Blue .... Nordstrom.com was Spanx, a strip of sticky and I have 3 pairs of ... this is amazing!

Z B said...

No, I have not any socks at the time, and a wound that would take, regardless of size

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